Rooted in a European tradition, Heliosaga combines elements of power, symphonic, and gothic metal with female vocals. 


Heliosaga was formed in June 2010 by Damien Villarreal (guitar/keys) who was joined by Jordan Ames (drums), Lucas Drummond (guitar), Christine Schas (vocals) and Ken Lambdin (bass).  The initial compositions showed influences from power, gothic and folk metal that defined the early sound of the band.  After a few months, Lucas decided to leave, and while searching for a full-time fifth member Heliosaga completed a five song demo, Equinox, in April 2011. That following June, Jacob Horning (bass) joined and Ken assumed guitar duties. Bass tracks for the demo were rerecorded, and following a brief stint of live shows Heliosaga decided to search for a new singer.  The members used the ensuing months to concentrate on writing new material, and in June 2012 Chelsea Knaack (ex-DesDemon) joined the band as lead vocalist.  Over the next nine months Heliosaga would release a single, The Light of Ardor, relocate to Minnesota and part ways with Ken and Jacob.  In early 2014, Heliosaga began recording its debut album, Towers in the Distance.  The official release date is set for August 22, 2014.